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You only have one chance to make a great first impression! 

Close your eyes and imagine that incredible sense of relief when you finally submit your college applications. The goal line is near, after months of concentrated focus on preparing your college essays. Your objective is to present the very best YOU to admissions representatives at your dream schools.

Think about it.

Admissions readers are pouring over thousands of essays in a short period of time and so you’ll want to make every effort possible to have your personal narrative stand out. Grammatical errors, word choice, and essays that do not flow well are aspects that can stop you from making a great first impression. Family members and friends read your essays with an existing bias because they know you and have an inclination to tell you “everything looks great.” But our readers will provide you with the expert feedback you need. Once you hit, “submit,” there is no turning back, so don’t leave your admissions decision to chance.

You've worked so hard.

You’ve been working hard to perfect your essays. Like many of our students, you have read and re-read your work numerous times. You may simply be TOO familiar with your essays to detect common grammar or usage concerns. The College Essay Review team will give your essay that final review and share our expert feedback with you.

Nail it with us!

A new, fresh perspective by a member of our team of experienced writers and editing experts can provide you with the peace of mind to click “submit” with confidence. We guarantee prompt feedback and will let you know if your essay communicates why YOU belong in the next freshman class at the school of your dreams!

What We Do

The college application process can be tedious, but it does not have to be daunting.
Streamlining word choice, mechanics & grammatical correctness, and readability will bring a calm to the process.

Word Choice

Did you use the very best word to convey what you meant to say? Usage is critically important in communicating your message.

Grammatical Correctness

Are your sentences constructed with proper mechanics following the rules of grammar?


Do your essays flow naturally? Are your sentence lengths and paragraphs manageable? We can help you ease the strain for admissions readers with some easy writing tips.

Who We Are

We are a team of expert college essay editors including professional educators, a former admissions director, magazine writers, editors, and recent graduates, many of whom were accepted to numerous top schools nationwide.

We are many things: professional, patient, precise, and we are also parents, professors, college personnel, and peers, who understand the competitive college admissions process and the significant importance of how you communicate via your college essays.

Schools Where Our Students Have Been Accepted

Imagine being accepted into the college of your dreams!

and many more..

How It Works

Every student is at a different phase in the college application process. Depending on your deadline, you can select a price and time frame that accommodates you through our 4-step process. 



Review the pricing options on our pricing panel below to determine the word-count review and turn-around time that best accommodates you.



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Enter your payment information. Click SUBMIT. You will receive a receipt for your submission via email.



When the essay has been reviewed, you will receive a link with our detailed feedback within 48-hours (regular delivery) or 24-hours (rush delivery with extra charge).

Don’t miss out on this expert review!  Let us help you succeed.


Word Count
up to 499
 or full refund!

Pricing is based on 1 review per essay submission. Please submit each essay separately. 

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